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Museum Exhibit Stars In New 'Black Widow' Movie

One of the largest exhibits at The Helicopter Museum in Weston-super-Mare, it's Russian Mil-8 helicopter will soon be seen flying again. No, not from the Museums Helipad, but instead on the big screen when it takes to the skies with a little help from CGI trickery in the latest Marvel Studios Blockbuster, 'Black Widow' with none other than actress Scarlett Johansson at its controls!!

Following discussions between The Helicopter Museum and the films production company in 2019, the massive 7000kg, 25m long aircraft was dissembled at The Weston-super-Mare attraction before being loaded onto 2 large low loaders and transported across the UK to Pinewood Studios and other shooting locations for the movie. It then returned to the museum and is now back on public display, presented in its new marvel colour scheme.

“For the film, all the interior seating was removed from the aircraft and the shape of the windows were altered to match the military style required.” Said Museum Manager Lee Mills “It was then completely repainted twice with specialist 'movie paint' to play not one, but two separate roles in the film before being lifted up on a crane in front of a giant green screen to literally 'fly again' on camera.”

“Internal scenes inside the helicopter were filmed with actresses Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh and a host of extras with camera rails installed to provide fast moving tracking shots of the interior.” Whilst the official Black Widow trailer shows the helicopter escaping a giant avalanche and Scarlett Johansson jumping out of its open doorway on a zip line, we will just have to go and see the film to find out what other adventures the helicopter undertook during its exciting time away from its Weston-super-Mare home.

'Black Widow' is due for national release on July 9th.

The Helicopter Museum is a Registered Charity and houses the Worlds largest collection of helicopters.

(For Filming requests including internal cockpit shots inside the helicopter please contact either Lee Mills or Thomas Umpleby at The Helicopter Museum on 01934 635227 / helimuseum@btconnect.com.)

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